Discussing Concept

Mark Hobson and I have been talking out loud about concept on his blog.  He's done the heavy lifting and I've chipped in some comments.  Recommended reading, in four parts:

narrative and concept, pt. 1 - is a picture worth a thousand words? 
narrative and concept, pt. 2
narrative and concept - get over it
getting (to) the point

From my comment on the last post:

Some points I take away from the last couple of posts: too many academics have over-emphasized concept at the expense of other values; the artist’s concepts may have little or no impact on the viewer’s response; it’s immaterial whether concept drives the photographs or the concept is an after-the-fact rationalization and don’t worry about concept if it gets in the way of making photographs. I’d agree with all that.

As I said at the outset, my interests in discussing concept are self-serving. I think I’m getting to the heart of it. I’m considering how I might use concept to make better art. Overthinking sucks the life out of pictures, so there’s a balance to be struck. But appropriate thinking might put one in the path of different opportunities.

Vair's Manor, West End, Vancouver, 2015