Scenes from an Imagined Future

Dystopian science fiction is having a moment.  But other common imaginings of future cities aren't very comforting either.  Modern and futuristic equates with cold and antiseptic.  

Visions of a utopian future appear in urban architecture.  Peter Carroll commented on this Vancouver photograph: "Great sci-fi vibe going on."  

Among the Towers, Vancouver, 2014

That thought lodged itself somewhere in my mind.  

Recently, I found myself in a business district courtyard bereft of people on a late Saturday afternoon.  I marvelled at another scene from an imagined future.

Courtyard, Downtown Vancouver, 2015

I've perhaps employed a bit of photographic sleight of hand to achieve the spatial ambiguity in these photographs.  I'm not manipulating the image after the fact, just exercising my license to choose what to include in the frame.  The scene is there to be found.  It appears as we've designed it.