Slowing the Pace

I’m slowing my image sharing pace to favour quality over quantity.  

In a good year, I might produce 26 first rate photographs, an average of one every 2 weeks.  If I post several images a week that’s 150, so 85% of those will be second rate. 

I can’t think of a good reason to share that 85%.  If I let the photographs sit for a while I can sift the best from the merely good.  I’m not sure how long the minimum evaluation period needs to be.  Longer is better, but that’s balanced by my ego’s desire for a few accolades.  We’re talking months anyway.

I’ve been actively photographing but won’t post any new ones for a while.  The internet will survive.  In the mean time, I’ll keep posting contemplations and continue considering various sequences and combinations.  

After two years, I still like this one, so I think it's in.

Mural, Vancouver, 2013