Sometimes I make photographs that remind me of a different, unrelated scene.  I think of them as metaphors.

For example, when I came upon a pile of grain at twilight I felt like I was looking at an ancient pyramid.  

Prairie Pyramid, Alberta, 2005

Lately, there have been several photographs like this.  

This one feels like a Mayan temple...  

Courtyard, Downtown Vancouver, 2015

this one like an arch left standing after a bombing raid...

like a signal graph...

Cowichan Bay, 2015

like a scene from an imagined future...

Another Courtyard, Vancouver, 2015

I suppose I could read this sort of metaphor into other photographs.  But these metaphors asserted themselves immediately and in a memorable way.  In addition to the one I posted at the beginning I can think of only one other photograph that feels as strongly metaphorical (see below) and it's from 2005 as well.  Four metaphorical photographs in quick succession is unusual, though perhaps just how it happened to happen. 

Prairie Sundial, Alberta, 2005