From Page Three to Top Three

I've been working on some longer posts but I keep getting stalled in various cognitive cul-de-sacs.  I've also been spinning a bit with the photographs.  The two things are no doubt related.  

With the photographs, I find it best to just make some pictures without worrying about notions like 'why the hell are you taking a picture of that?'.  So, I figure the blogging equivalent is to 'just post something'.

Shrouded, East Side, Vancouver, 2014

"Eric Fredine" is a unique name, so when I do a vanity search on Google for "Eric Fredine" I get results for me.  My various social media accounts rank highly mixed in with mostly photography related things.  

Shortly after publishing the web-site in November, it appeared on page 3 of the search results for "Eric Fredine".  Now it appears in the top three results.  Much credit is probably due to the algorithmic wizards at Google, the thoughtful design created by Squarespace and links from some of my photography friends.  It no doubt helps that I've linked to it generously from my other accounts confirming for Google that the website belongs to the same Eric Fredine.  Still, I found it interesting how quickly it rose.

Oh - and it seems to be the number one result on Bing.  So, hat-tip to the engineers at Microsoft as well!  

Howe and Drake, Downtown, Vancouver, 2015

There have been a lot of steps lately.  I can't tell if I should go with the flow or impose a moratorium.  

Stairs, South False Creek, Vancouver, 2015


Recently, I photographed a couple of demolition sites in Vancouver.  These light industrial and commercial areas are the last of their kind in areas that have already been substantially redeveloped.  Now, they too will make way for condominiums.  Once the new buildings have risen the transformation will be complete.  

Candidates for inclusion in a future revision of the City of Glass portfolio.   

Through the Veil, Vancouver, 2014

Demolition Site, Vancouver, 2014

Making Way, Vancouver, 2014

Exposed, Vancouver, 2014

Frosted Rubble, Vancouver, 2014